Uplink Provider issue Felsökning
Prioritet - Kritisk

Liebe Kunden,
derzeit kommt es wohl zu einem Ausfall bei einem unserer Uplink-Provider
Dies hat zur Folge, das einige Dienste temp. nicht erreichbar sein könnten. Unter anderem können die Dienste nicht mehr über das Kundencenter verwaltet werden.


Statment vom Uplink Provider:


Both interconnections are repaired, means the Interwerk pop is again redundantly connected to Interxion. To clarify further what happened:

On Sunday the 12th June we had a pop migration at Interxion Frankfurt from FRA3 to FRA16. We have two fiber interconnections between Interwerk and Interxion, both were moved during different maintenance stages, which worked fine and allowed us to avoid any packetloss or downtime at Interwerk. Unfortunately, the second fiber connection, which serves as passive backup, didnt get online after the maintenance works, caused by an optical issue outside of our responsibility. This was scheduled to be resolved tomorrow, the 14th June by datacenter staff at Interxion. This means, we were still online, but with degraded redundancy between both locations, however the n+1 criteria was still met.

The evening on 13th June, the switch serving the still active 100G link between Interxion and Interwerk caused symptoms of flapping ports during a 5 minute window. Following the flaps, oncall duty deactivated the connection through the switch, as we were affected by packetloss during that time. Following the deactivation, traffic switched over to a backup uplink provided by the Interwerk datacenter, allowing us to avoid a full outage while both interconnections got restored - some customers with BGP, where we dont have any influence on routing configuration, might have seen additional minutes of disturbance.